Smart Prosperity Institute’s annual “Green Bonds - State of the Market in Canada” reports provide unique insight on the role of green bonds in funding environment and climate-related projects in Canada. The annual report is a special supplement to the Bonds and Climate Change: The State of the Market global report and is prepared collaboratively with Climate Bonds Initiative. Commissioned by HSBC, the report marks specific highlights from the current year, emerging trends, and identifies specific opportunities for market development of green bonds in Canada.


  • Project launch – July 2012
  • First report – October 2012
    Bonds and Climate Change 2012
  • Second report – October 2013
    Bonds and Climate Change 2013
  • Third report – October 2014
    Bonds and Climate Change 2014
  • Fourth Report – October 2015
    Bonds and Climate Change 2015
  • Fifth Report – October 2016
    Bonds and Climate Change 2016
  • First Submission – August 2016
    The potential role for green bonds to accelerate mitigation, adaptation, and innovation goals
  • Sixth Report - October 2017
    Bonds and Climate Change 2017
  • Seventh Report - February 2019
    Bonds & Climate Change: Green Finance State of the Market – 2018