Climate change is the major environmental challenge of the 21st century. For Canada it poses a distinct challenge, both in terms of adaptation (particularly for Northern and coastal communities, as well as for economic sectors like forestry and agriculture), and in terms of greenhouse-gas reduction and the transition from a carbon-intensive economy to a low-carbon one. Yet there is also an economic opportunity in this transition. In launching the new “Canada’s Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy” initiative, Smart Prosperity Institute is growing its focus on the policy and market tools for supporting this transition.  



Green Bonds Canada

Annual assessment of the Canadian market for green bonds - a key tool for financing the transition to a stronger, cleaner economy.






Decent Work in the Green Economy

This project looks at different ways in which the shift to a green economy may impact employment opportunities and the nature of work in Ontario.





Tooling up for Climate Change

“Tooling Up for Climate Change” is a project led by Smart Prosperity Institute to share knowledge and policy findings to decision-makers across Canada on economic instruments for climate adaptation. The project is supported by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) through Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform.