Smart Prosperity Institute, along with uOttawa’s Institute of the Environment, is pleased to host two Fulbright Visiting Research Chairs in Environment & Economy and Environmental Policy as one of our signature prestige academic partnerships. Under a cross-border arrangement with Fulbright Canada, Chairs come from the United States and are hosted on a one-year rotating basis.

Embedded at Smart Prosperity Institute, the chair holders research policy-relevant aspects of building an environmentally sustainable economy and shifting towards greener growth, from an economic, policy, legal or business perspective. Here, they join an interdisciplinary team of researchers and policy experts working towards a stronger, cleaner economy.

Our Fulbright Visiting Chair program is currently in its sixth year. Smart Prosperity is excited to host three Fulbright Visiting Research Chairs in 2020-2021: the Fulbright Visiting Research Chairs in Environmental Policy, Lew Fulton (University of California, Davis) and Kenneth Richards (Indiana University), and the Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Environment and the Economy, Jonathan Rubin (University of Maine).


Fulbright Canada

With more than 300,000 Fulbright alumni in more than 150 countries, the Fulbright program is the gold standard in academic exchange and a leader in public diplomacy. The mandate of Fulbright Canada is to enhance mutual understanding between the people of Canada and the people of the United States of America by providing support to outstanding individuals. These individuals conduct research, lecture, or enroll in formal academic programs in the other country. In doing so, Fulbright Canada aims to grow intellectual capacity, increase productivity, and assist in the shaping of future leaders. For more information please visit

Fulbright awards to Canada provide a prestigious professional development opportunity to work in an important area of research and policy. Inspite of current travel restrictions between the US and Canada due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage all interested candidates to apply: this call is for the 2021-2022 academic year, when we anticipate that cross-border travel will once again be permitted. Interested? Why not apply? Please contact Geoff McCarney, Director of Research at