Pedro Cybis

EEPRN and Greening Growth Partnership Student Researcher, 2020-2021

Pedro Cybis is currently pursuing a Master’s in Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal addressing sustainability issues related to fast fashion and textile waste management. His research aims to understand apparel brand’s behaviour of incinerating deadstock, their supply chain strategies and available environmental policy tools. Pedro’s interest for social and environmental impacts consolidated along his BA in Economics and Political Science at Université de Montréal. Then, circular economy became his main focus during the completion of a Specialized Graduate diploma in Strategic Ecodesign that shaped him towards life cycle thinking. Concern for the fashion industry came during his involvement with non-profit organizations in multiple awareness campaigns about responsible consumption and the systemic change needed for a green transition.

Pedro is providing research support for a project entitled: "Fast Fashion: Why Firms Incinerate Deadstock, and Public Policies”, under the supervision of Sophie Bernard.