Maya Papineau

Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Carleton University

Maya Papineau is an Associate Professor in the department of economics at Carleton University. Dr. Papineau has over 15 years' training and experience conducting research in environmental and energy economics, causal inference, and program evaluation. Her work has addressed several research questions in empirical environmental and resource economics. These research questions include evaluating whether engineering models’ predictions of renewable energy price reductions are robust to confounding variables; using non-parametric techniques to estimate an environmental Kuznet’s curve for black carbon emissions caused by household coal use in China; implementing a causal inference framework to assess whether commercial real estate markets value energy efficiency in buildings constructed under progressively more stringent energy codes; measuring the cost-effectiveness of commercial building energy standards using quasi-experimental data; quantifying a tenant-side “split incentives” problem among the largest commercial sector customers of a Connecticut utility; and using a randomized controlled trial among Albertan utility customers to test the effect of visualizing home heat loss on natural gas and electricity consumption. Between 2011-2019, Dr. Papineau has been a co-applicant, team member, or primary recipient of over $600,000 in grant funding to conduct her research.