October 23, 2019

By Stewart Elgie & Mike Wilson

Public polling told us that climate change was a top priority for Canadians leading into Monday’s federal election. So it is no surprise that the majority of Canadians voted for the parties and the candidates that proposed the most ambitious climate action and environmental protection (64.6% of the popular vote), resulting at the end of the day in a minority Liberal government.

At Smart Prosperity Institute, we see this result as a renewed opportunity to advance policies that are designed not only to protect our environment but also to build a stronger, cleaner economy. Because research shows that fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity and advancing a circular economy for plastics can be as much a recipe for jobs and economic growth as it is for environmental stewardship.

SPI will harness our world-class policy and economic research capacity to support ambitious government policies, including things like:

The next few years will be critical for Canada to meet its environmental commitments and position itself for success in a low-carbon, resource-efficient global economy.  Smart Prosperity Institute and its international research network will do all it can to inform the next generation of innovative policy and investment tools needed to capture this vital opportunity.

Stewart Elgie

Executive Chair

Mike Wilson

Executive Director