Mike Wilson

Executive Director

Raised in New Brunswick, Mike began his career as a lawyer in Toronto, left to become senior policy adviser to the federal Environment Minister, and then went on to hold a series of increasingly senior roles in the Government of Canada working at the intersection of the environment, economy and innovation. During his career in government, he was responsible for creating the government’s clean air agenda, led Environment Canada’s environmental assessment program and spearheaded a successful public-private initiative to strengthen the role of sustainability in investment decisions.

Now, as Executive Director of the Smart Prosperity Institute—Canada’s leading green economy research institute and think tank—Mike leads a dynamic and accomplished team, producing cutting edge research, policy advice and communications strategies for clean economic growth across the Canadian economy. Mike has long held a firm belief that 'green' and 'growth' can go hand in hand and a drive for making that happen. He brings passion and experience to his role at the helm of Smart Prosperity Institute. 

Contact: mike@smartprosperity.ca