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The biggest green economy stories of 2021
Phew, we did it, one more year of survival for the human race! To celebrate, we bring you the best and worst of the green economy in 2021. Four of Canada’s top journalists join host Eric Campbell for a fun retrospective on the year’s top stories: the triumphs, the failures, the surprises and the cruel ironies. And, because there’s a lot riding on the next calendar year, we also dabble in some predictions for 2022. 

Guests: Heather Scoffield (Toronto Star), Adam Radwanski (The Globe and Mail), Mia Rabson (The Canadian Press) & Shawn McCarthy (Freelance)


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The views expressed on “Smart Prosperity: The Podcast” are not necessarily the views of Smart Prosperity Institute. We just like having smart and evidence-based conversations about the green economy.

Episode 30 includes music and clips from Eric Campbell, Zapsplat, CBC News, Global News, CTV News, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, the Mehdi Hasan Show, and Reuters.

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