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1. Is this the end of carbon tax politics? [min 1:08]
Last week, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the federal government’s right to enforce a minimum price on greenhouse gas emissions. Four political insiders and one lawyer that argued the case consider the ramifications.

  • Gerry Butts – Vice Chairman of Eurasia Group & Former Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  • Ken Boessenkool – Professor at the Max Bell School, McGill University & Former Chief of Staff to BC Premier Christy Clark and Former Advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • Dianne Saxe – Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Ontario & Former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
  • Brian Topp – Founding Partner at GT & Company, & Former Chief of Staff to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley
  • Stewart Elgie – Executive Chair at Smart Prosperity Institute & Counsel representing the Ecofiscal Commission at the Supreme Court

- “Carbon Pricing on Trial: Unpacking the Supreme Court decision”: Webinar Recording
- “The Politics of Carbon Pricing – What does the Supreme Court Decision Mean for the Future of Climate Policy in Canada?”: Webinar Recording  

2. How close is “carbon removal” to reality? [min 9:45]
World-leading expert, Dr. Jennifer Wilcox, shares the price tag for removing carbon from the air, and what needs to happen for costs to come down. And then a Canadian carbon removal innovator shares his excitement.  

  • Dr. Jennifer Wilcox – Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Office of Fossil Energy at the US Department of Energy & Presidential Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania (on leave)
  • Mike Kelland – CEO, Planetary Hydrogen


- Ted Talk: “Jennifer Wilcox: A New Way to Remove CO2 from the Atmosphere”
- News Release: Shopify invests in Planetary Hydrogen


3. 60-Second Report: “Waste Prevention: The Environmental and Economic Benefits for Canada” [min 20:20]

  • Mayor Jack Froese – Mayor of the Township of Langley (BC) & Chair, National Zero Waste Council

- Check out the Report


4. “Five Other Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week” [min 22:01]

  • Mike Moffatt – Senior Director of Policy, Smart Prosperity Institute

- Read the blog on the “5 Other Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week”

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Episode 12 includes music and clips from Eric Campbell, Audio Jungle, Zapsplat and Global News

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