On Thursday March 25th, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled on the constitutionality of Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act - the culmination of years of vigorous national debate. The impacts of this landmark decision will be felt around the country - reverberating through our climate policy and political arena for years to come. This panel of experts from across the political spectrum discussed the implications of the ruling on Canada’s climate policy and political calculus - and what comes next.


  • Mia Rabson, Energy and Environment Reporter for The Canadian Press


  • Ken Boessenkool, Former Chief of Staff to Premier Christy Clark (BC), Former Senior Campaign Advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • Gerald Butts, Former Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Dalton McGuinty (ON)
  • Dianne Saxe, Former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, and Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Ontario
  • Brian Topp, Former Chief of Staff to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, and former Deputy Chief of Staff to Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow.


  • Dale Beugin, Vice President Research and Analysis, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices; Former Executive Director of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission