Geoff McCarney

Director, Research

Currently completing his Ph.D. in Sustainable Development at Columbia University, Geoff McCarney is an experienced researcher in areas of environmental, natural resource and development economics. His interdisciplinary Ph.D. programme has included training and research in both economics and climate science, with an integrating focus on issues of sustainability. His research has particularly been focussed on forestry and carbon management, as well as the impacts of climate change and variability on natural resource use and productivity, and he has published on issues of sustainable forest management and environmental policy relevant to Canada. He also has extensive experience working with funders and partner agencies around the world to develop, implement and advise on climate risk management projects for at risk populations. Geoff also holds an M.A. is Sustainable Development from Columbia, an M.Sc. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Alberta, and a B.A. in History and Economics from the University of Ottawa.