The world as we know it has changed dramatically since the start of 2020. Do you think your research can help inform stimulus spending and economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Greening Growth Partnership (GGP) and Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network (EEPRN) are issuing a special call for proposals, targeting academic research that focuses on climate and environmental policy in the context of COVID-19, stimulus spending and economic recovery.

Examples of relevant proposals may include:

  • the interaction of climate/environmental policy with post-COVID response policies and/or stimulus packages.
  • an exploration of the employment or equity impacts of potential green stimulus packages.
  • studies of past green stimulus measures, and their implications for both short and long-run economic or environmental outcomes across countries (e.g. employment, pollution, GHG emissions trajectories, etc.). Reviews of environmental programs included in recovery packages following the Great Recession (e.g. the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) as applied to the Canadian context are of particular interest.
  • an assessment of the impact of the changed economic conditions on investments in natural capital and other environmental/conservation initiatives (e.g. green investments, entrance fees to parks).
  • the political economy of effective collaboration between national-subnational jurisdictions in green stimulus packages – and how to implement more effective policies, with durable outcomes.
  • an examination of the efficacy/effectiveness of different governance mechanisms for targeting and reaching affected sectors/demographics with stimulus measures.
  • how to design green stimulus policy that effectively targets small and medium-sized enterprises.

This call is seeking to fund original shorter-term research to inform emerging policy discussions. Proposals should not exceed $10,000 CAD and can include research, data analysis, case studies, or literature synthesis work which can largely be completed over the summer of 2020, with initial deliverables due in September 2020. Final deliverables should be completed by December 31st 2020 and must include a short, policy-maker oriented blog post. Proposals should be focused on Canada and can be submitted by faculty, graduate students, or post-doctoral fellows.

Deadline for applications is noon EDT on May 15th, 2020

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