Simon Dessureault

EEPRN and Greening Growth Partnership Student Researcher, 2020-2021

Simon Dessureault is pursuing his PhD in Public Policy at Carleton University where he is conducting research on carbon pricing policy. More precisely, he is assessing the link between carbon pricing, emissions abatement, and competitiveness in the industrial sector. He is also a Senior Policy Analyst at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), where he has been leading economic research, and policy analysis and development initiatives since 2016. Prior to joining AAFC, Simon was Senior Advisor, Policy and Economics at the Dairy Processors Association of Canada. From 2007 to 2016, he has held two managerial positions in the food processing industry related to marketing, innovation, product development, and export. From 2004 to 2007, Simon was Research Analyst for the George Morris Centre, an agri-food economic research institute based in Guelph. In 2018, Simon was appointed to the board of directors of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES) serving on the Program Committee, where he contributes to organising successful conferences and brings his perspectives to the CAES Publications Committee. Simon received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from Laval University and a Master of Science in Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Guelph. His graduate research project was awarded Outstanding M.Sc. Thesis in Food Distribution & Marketing by the Food Distribution Research Society based in the United States.

Simon is providing research support for a project entitled: "Quebec and California Cap-and-Trade Systems, Emissions Abatement and Competitiveness: A Firm Level Analysis”, under the supervision of Stephan Schott.