Shawn Liu

EEPRN and Greening Growth Partnership Student Researcher, 2020-2021

Shawn recently graduated from Ivey Business School with a Bachelor of Arts in Honor Business Administration. He has a keen interest in analytics and data science. Having experience working in data analytics in the finance and entertainment industries, he is currently combining his love for data science and business as a Data Scientist at a startup. Outside of work, he advises a student-led impact investing fund that he co-founded while in school. His research interests is the integration of Big Data and Machine Learning within the sustainability space.

Shawn's research at SPI is focused on mapping out COVID-19-related supply and demand shocks in the Canadian agro-food sector and how Circular Economy principles can be used to minimize and utilize waste.  He is providing research support for a project entitled: Achieving Regional Resilience through Circular Economy Practices” under the supervision of Deishin Lee and Jury Gulandris.