Melanie Issett

EEPRN and Greening Growth Partnership Student Researcher, 2020-2023

Melanie has just recently graduated from a dual degree undergraduate program at Western University where she studied Environmental Science and Business Administration at the Ivey Business School. Melanie has experience working at an Institutional Investor in private market investments in infrastructure and renewable resources. She also has experience researching biology and conservation of species at risk in South Africa, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 

Melanie is providing research support for a project entitled: "The Opportunity for Conservation Impact Bonds to finance investment in conservation and enhancement of natural capital in Canada”, under the supervision of Diane-Laure Arjalies. She is focused on reviewing the modes of valuation for the land in-use in Canada to understand the different valuation processes utilized. She will look to understand Canada’s history of land valuation and how and why the valuation of land may vary across regions and land types.