Kent Fellows

Assistant Professor at The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

G. Kent Fellows is an Assistant Professor at The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary. His research examines government and regulatory intervention in markets. He has published articles on the effects of price regulation and bargaining power on the Canadian pipeline and pharmaceutical industries and on the economic and social value of regional and inter-regional transportation infrastructure. Dr. Fellows has provided expert testimony to the Senate of Canada on the topic of transportation economics as it relates to national trade corridors and participated in the Alberta Government's Energy Diversification Advisory Committee Natural Gas and Crude Oil expert working group sessions. Joint with Dr. Sarah Dobson, Dr. Fellows has developed a carbon accounting model based on a "Value-Added Approach to National Emissions Accounting" which allows for the tracking of indirect embodied emissions through Canada's economic value chain. This research has been published in both the journal "Canadian Public Policy" as well as through The School of Public Policy's Research Paper Series.

Kent Fellows is a Research Partner in The Economics & Environmental Policy Research Network project.