Geoffrey Lonca

EEPRN Student Researcher, 2018-2019

Geoffrey Lonca was born and raised in France. He earned his Bachelor in general engineering at ICAM in Lille, North of France, with a focus on industrial and mechanical engineering. His Master degree is in Energy and Sustainable Development from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal. His Master thesis project looked at applying circular economy concepts for end-of-life management of electronic devices within the University of Montréal. He felt strongly the need for a circular economy assessment tool. He is currently in his fourth year of a Ph.D. program at Polytechnique Montréal (department of mathematics and industrial engineering). His research focus is circular economy assessment, working with Manuele Margni and Sophie Bernard. He makes the link between micro circular economy initiatives (changes in product design and business models for instance) with macro sustainability issues in a consistent assessment tool. Additionally, he is also currently exploring the undesirable consequences of collaborative consumption models with Jonathan Deschênes (HEC Montréal) and Julien Walzberg (PhD student at Polytechnique).    

Geoffrey is providing research support for an EEPRN project entitled: "Circular Economy: An Interdisciplinary Literature Review ". This work will be completed under the supervision of Emmanuel Raufflet.