Brett Dolter

Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Regina

Brett Dolter joined the Department of Economics as an Assistant Professor in 2018 and teaches courses in climate change policy, microeconomics, and ecological economics. Brett completed his PhD degree at York University in 2015 where his research focused on pathways for greening the Saskatchewan grid. Following his studies Brett held Research Fellowships at the University of Ottawa’s Institute of Environment and within the University of Regina’s Faculty of Arts.

Brett is a graduate of the University of Regina’s Economics Department where he completed his undergraduate degree in 2003. Brett was awarded the President’s Medal at his undergraduate convocation. Brett then went on to earn a Master of Resource Management and Environmental Studies degree from UBC in 2006 and completed a Master of Economics degree at the University of Victoria in 2011. In between these degrees Brett worked as a senior policy analyst for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment’s Green Policy unit.

Brett specializes in climate and energy policy research. He has published in journals such as Energy Policy and Ecological Economics and was co-editor of the Handbook on Growth and Sustainability, an edited volume published in 2017. Current research projects include analyzing the distributional impacts of carbon pricing; modelling the cost of decarbonizing the Canadian electricity system; and organizing dialogues on the future of energy in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Brett Dolter is a Research Partner in The Economics & Environmental Policy Research Network project.