We analyze the flow of material and identify the organizations involved in the chicken supply chain in Canada. The Canadian chicken supply chain consists of domestic producers and processors that operate at every level of the supply chain. Canada produces most of the chicken consumed in the country, but Canada is also a net importer at every level of the supply chain. 

Our material flow analysis identified significant unsold product quantities and material losses throughout the chicken supply chain (e.g., on the order of 61 million kilograms of chicken in 2019). This suggests that there are opportunities for improving the resource utilization of materials throughout the chicken supply chain. 

This study can be used as a basis for future studies to identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities to improve the chicken supply chain in Canada, and to serve as a benchmark for studies of other supply chains. For example, an extension of this study could focus on secondary uses of by-products such as offal. These by-products could have large economic, societal, and environmental impacts that are currently overlooked and/or underutilized.

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Suggested Citation: Choi, Elliott, Gualandris, Jury and Lee, Deishin. The Chicken Supply Chain in Canada: Material Flow and Supply Chain Structure (January 2022). Available at the Smart Prosperity Institute Clean Economy Working Paper Series: https://institute.smartprosperity.ca/node/3584

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