Bryce Pratt

EEPRN and Greening Growth Partnership Student Researcher 2020-2021

Bryce is currently completing an undergraduate dual degree at Western University, working towards receiving a Bachelor of Engineering Science in Software Engineering, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Honors Business Administration from the Ivey Business School. Bryce's primary research interests are focused in the simulation of complex systems and improving software performance. His current projects involve applying research from software build systems towards improving the runtime and transparency of advanced supply chain simulations.

Bryce is providing research support for a project entitled: “Achieving Regional Resilience through Circular Economy Practices” under the supervision of Deishin Lee and Jury Gulandris. His work focuses on developing modular and adaptive supply chain simulation systems to better understand supply and demand in the Canadian agro-food sector and experiment with how Circular Economy principles can be used to optimize waste reduction.