On February 27th and 28th, the 2020 Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network (EEPRN) Symposium took place at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Held annually, this Symposium brings together the top environment-economy scholars from across Canada and the world, and policy experts from government and business. The agenda for the 2020 Symposium can be found here.

The objectives of this year’s Symposium included the dissemination of recent clean innovation research by members of the SPI Research Network, as well as the identification of leading policy-oriented research topics/gaps to drive future research efforts by the Network. To this end, presenters and discussants were asked to include in their remarks, thoughts on research questions that should be examined moving forward. A summary of the discussions and “crowd-sourced” research questions for each of the Symposium sessions are available here:

  1. Plenary I – Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Policy and Research Priorities
  2. Parallel Session I: Designing Agile Regulations for Clean Innovation
  3. Parallel Session II: Political Economy of Low Carbon Policy
  4. Parallel Session III: Designing Regulatory Institutions and Experiments for Innovation
  5. Parallel Session IV: Driving a Circular Economy Transition: Policy and Innovation Approaches
  6. Discussion Session: Constitutional Challenge to Carbon Pricing in Canada
  7. Parallel Session V: Advancing Low Carbon Mobility Solutions
  8. Parallel Session VI: Climate Policy: Investment, Cost and Competitiveness Outcomes
  9. Plenary II: Sustainable Finance: Developing the Incentives to Drive Low Carbon Investment
  10. Plenary III: Accelerating the Transition towards Pathways to 2050 Targets

If you have a particular expertise and interest in addressing one of these research questions, or feel that a key research question is missing, please contact us at research.network@smartprosperity.ca.

To learn more about the Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network click here.