Sustainable Prosperity is pleased to provide the Province of British Columbia feedback on its second phase of consultation for the development of its 2016 Climate Leadership Plan. The comments presented in this submission are drawn from Sustainable Prosperity’s Policy Brief: Provincial Climate Action Plans and Local Governments – Lessons from BC, which was released on January 14, 2016.

The Policy Brief provides an overview and assessment of the tools the Province developed to support local government climate action as part of its 2008 Climate Action Plan. It was principally developed as a means of sharing lessons learned with other jurisdictions that are pursuing opportunities to engage and collaborate with local government to advance climate change objectives. We feel that the analysis contained in this brief can also provide valuable insight for the Province of BC as it develops its Climate Leadership Plan.

This submission summarizes the key lessons learned from this recent Policy Brief, namely the strengths and gaps in the Province’s existing tools to support local government climate action, and the extent to which the Climate Leadership Team (CLT) recommendations address these strengths and gaps.