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Date: Thursday, November 18, 2021
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET


The second event in our three-part health series!


Climate action in Canada is accompanied by a host of benefits to communities, including investment, jobs and improved health outcomes. The potential for climate action to advance health is enormous, and has been realized in high profile environmental victories like Ontario’s coal phase out. A green economic recovery, and the transition to net-zero emissions, presents an avenue for supporting healthier communities is through investments made in a COVID green economic recovery.

This webinar from Smart Prosperity Institute explored the potential for climate action and a green economic recovery to advance health outcomes, and presented new research findings comparing the health outcomes from green recovery investments across Canada. This analysis was targetted to help policymakers better compare the health benefits of different emissions reducing solutions in communities across Canada.

This event explored Smart Prosperity Institute's recent report, A Green and Health Recovery: How different green economic recovery investments compare for advancing human health in Canada.

Introduction by:

  • Bruce Lourie - President, Ivey Foundation

Presentations by:

  • John McNally - Senior Research Associate, Smart Prosperity Institute
  • Teslin Augustine - Research Associate, Smart Prosperity Institute


  • Dave Sawyer - Principal Economist at Canadian Institute for Climate Choices, and Executive in Residence at Smart Prosperity Institute


  • Harshini Ramesh - Research Associate, Smart Prosperity Institute


This event series highlights five reports published by Smart Prosperity Institute in October 2021.


Click here to view a recording of this event


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November is Health Month at SPI:

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