Date: July 15th to July 26th, 2019

Location: University of Ottawa

Hosted by Dr. Carolyn Fischer: Canada 150 Chair — Climate Economics, Innovation, and Policy

This summer the University of Ottawa’s Institute of the Environment and Dept. of Economics, in partnership with the Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI), will be hosting a two-week combined summer school and workshop focused on “The Economics of Environmental Policy and Innovation”.

The summer school and workshop are being led by Dr. Carolyn Fischer – the new Canada 150 Research Chair in Climate Economics, Innovation, and Policy at the University of Ottawa, and will leverage the unique strength of research excellence at the University of Ottawa and Smart Prosperity Institute in clean innovation, environmental economics and environmental policy.

Both the summer school and workshop will welcome graduate students, interested practitioners, and career professionals from across Canada and internationally – who will have the opportunity to engage with a distinguished group of researchers and experts brought to uOttawa for these events.

In particular, the summer school will feature guest lectures by three Canadian Research Chairs (CRCs) at the University of Ottawa – including Dr. Fischer, Dr. Nicholas Rivers (CRC in Climate and Energy Policy), and Dr. Kelly Bronson (CRC in Science and Society).  Both the school and workshop will also feature talks by leading economics, environmental policy and innovation experts in Canada, the US, and Europe.

In particular, the summer school and workshop will bring to uOttawa several of SPI’s Global Fellows in Clean Innovation – a research program sponsored by the Jarislowsky Foundation to bring leading experts to Canada to inform Canadian policy, research, and graduate student training in clean innovation.  Fellows participating at various points across both events include Dr. Antoine Dechezleprêtre (Grantham Research Institute, LSE and OECD), Dr. Nick Johnstone (OECD), Dr. Margaret Taylor (Stanford University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), and Dr. David Popp (Syracuse University - remotely).

This range of experts will help to foster discussions with summer school and workshop participants on how to spur the technical change required to meet our climate and environmental policy ambitions under the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. We’re very excited to be hosting this event and look forward to welcoming all participants to the University of Ottawa!

More information about the summer school and workshop can be found here.  Interested participants for either the summer school or workshop can find registration details here.

Also keep an eye out for upcoming communications around this event to be posted by SPI, including a blog series from several of the graduate student participants!