Smart Prosperity Institute and the Institute of the Environment at the University of Ottawa, with support from the Schad Foundation, Earth Rangers, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), has undertaken a new research and policy project on improving species at risk conservation in Canada. The research draws upon multiple sources of insight including a workshop with key stakeholders, a literature review, interviews with SAR recovery experts, and an online survey administered to over 100 informants in academia, government, industry and ENGOs.

This project seeks to provide actionable guidance and recommendations for how governments and other stakeholders can improve species at risk recovery work in Canada, including through greater use of economic instruments, multispecies and ecosystem-based approaches, establishing a comprehensive species at risk database to inform decision-making, managing cumulative effects, and using new funding tools for SAR conservation


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Upcoming and Past Activities:

Policy Brief | Economic Tools for Increasing Nature Conservation on Private Land | July 4, 2018

Policy Brief | Economic Instruments for Protecting Species at Risk on Private Land | April 26, 2018

ReportSpecies in the Balance: Partnering on tools and incentives to recover species at risk | February 2, 2018

Event Keynote presentation at Biodiversity Symposium, Museum of Nature | February 2, 2018

WebinarWebinar on Policy and Market Tools for Recovering Species at Risk  | February 14, 2018