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1. What green technologies will break out in the new decade? [min 1:24]

What’s going to be the next Tesla? The next solar panel? Canada’s biggest green technology investor tells us what’s coming down the innovation pipeline that will solve environmental problems while creating big business opportunities.

  • Leah Lawrence – President & CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada


- Check out all the technologies in SDTC’s investment portfolio
- Leah’s Example #1: Semios’ technology for agriculture
- Leah’s Example #2: Wood-framed buildings in BC
- Leah’s Example #3: New Flyer and Li-Cycle

2. Can the world’s biggest food and beverage company phase out plastic pollution? [min 11:17]

Over the past 60 years, plastics have transformed our economy. But the pollution that comes out the other end is piling up in oceans, neighbourhoods and landfills. The businesses signing on to the new Canada Plastics Pact want to change that.

3. 60-Second Report: "Reconciliation and self-determination through renewable energy?"[min 20:07]


- Check out the report
- Read the blog summary of the report

4.“Five Other Things Happening in the Clean Economy This Week” [min 22:00]

  • Alice-Irene Whittaker – Director of Communications, Smart Prosperity Institute

Links: Read the blog on the “5 Other Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week


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Episode 8 includes music and clips from Eric Campbell, Audio Jungle, Zapsplat, and The Graduate (Canal+ Group)

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