One of Smart Prosperity Institute's key initiatives is "Accelerating Clean Innovation in Canada".
Clean innovation and clean technology together form the industrial core of smart prosperity. Harnessing both is how we build smart prosperity’s engine. The widespread deployment of innovative clean technologies is the key to improving economic and environmental performance across all sectors. Smart policies, practices, and business strategies can inspire ecopreneurship throughout the Canadian economy, capturing new export opportunities, and attracting new investment to Canadian businesses.
Clean innovation is happening already throughout our economy—Canada ranks 7th worldwide on the Global Cleantech Innovation Index. But our global market share has slipped 41% since 2008 as the clean-tech market has boomed and other leading jurisdictions have raced ahead. Our pace needs to accelerate to capture our full share of emerging global opportunities and thoroughly address domestic environmental challenges.
Look out for a first policy brief, targeted at experts and policymakers, for how to accelerate clean innovation in Canada. The ideas presented within will form the basis for a major report and other materials on Clean Innovation, due in Fall 2017.