Date: January 26, 2022
Time: 1-2pm ET
Location: Virtual – Link will be emailed to you after registration.
Cost: Free, but registration is required.

Public procurement of green goods and services has the power to send strong market signals, help environmentally preferable goods and services find their first customer, and ease their diffusion in the market. Despite procurement’s enormous potential to advance Canada’s environmental goals, and discussions over the last few decades around ways to reform public procurement, procurement remains an underused tool for growing Canada’s green economy.

This webinar from Smart Prosperity Institute will unearth where the real challenges lie when it comes to the federal government’s procurement of cleantech. The discussion will approach procurement decisions as the outcome of formal decision-making processes and systems, rather than the actions of individuals within these systems. This webinar will bring forth nuanced and contextualized understanding of how procurement takes place, how decisions are made, and what policy interventions could be most effective in the Canadian context.

This event will feature conversations with procurement experts, and the report’s authors will explore insights from Buying Better: Leveraging Federal Procurement to Drive Demand for Canadian Cleantech. The webinar will help policymakers and advocates design effective policy interventions for reforming public procurement.



  • Teslin Augustine, Research Associate, Smart Prosperity Institute


  • Harshini Ramesh, Research Associate, Smart Prosperity Institute


  • Jacob Malthouse, Vice President, Commercialization at Foresight Cleantech Accelerator
  • Karen Hamberg, Chair, Clean Technology Economic Strategy Table

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This event is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. This discussion will be technical and tailored to an audience familiar with the cleantech industry and practitioners in public procurement.

If you require any adaptive measures in order to attend this event, please send an email to so that we can make arrangements.


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This event will build on the report, Buying Better: Leveraging Federal Procurement to Drive Demand for Canadian Cleantech published by Smart Prosperity Institute in January 2022.