The global economy is changing and everyone is feeling uncertain about the future. Yet, one thing is clear. No matter what global trends occur, clean growth and climate action in Canada will create jobs and attract investment. This is an opportunity for every Canadian region and community.  

The PLACE Centre’s first report ‘As the weather changes’ takes a look at four futures where Canada meets its 2030 climate targets, but is impacted differently by various global trends (like conflict, pandemics, natural disasters, economic cooperation, and trade relationships). Across these different futures, PLACE’s report finds that in the best outlook, almost 300,000 jobs are created within the decade. Even the least favourable outlook will still create almost 28,000 jobs. Investment will increase by $29 billion to $49 billion depending on the future. 

And this growth will occur in, and benefit, communities across the country. This growth however, will look different depending on the community. In Stratford and Summerside, Prince Edward Island, jobs could be created in sustainable agriculture. Whereas in Prince George and Quesnel, British Columbia, the growing mass timber industry could be a major employer. Meanwhile in the Gwich’in and White River First Nation communities in the Yukon, installing renewable energy could be a job creator. 

In fact, every single community across the country has an opportunity to create jobs and attract investment as Canada’s economy reduces it emissions. But for communities to realize these opportunities, they will need support from all levels of government.  

Read ‘As the Weather Changes’ to learn more about what the future may hold for job creation and investment in Canada as a whole, and broken down by each province and territory, as well as PLACE’s recommendations on what governments can do to help communities thrive. 


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PLACE Centre is an initiative of Smart Prosperity Institute which identifies and advances regionally-focused policy solutions that contributes to SPI's mission of building a stronger, cleaner economy.