Kristan Embrett

Events and Projects Coordinator

Rooted in Toronto, Kristan (she/her) has previously worked for various ENGOs to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and biodiversity advocacy across Canada. She went to Ryerson University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Environment and Urban Sustainability. From doing fieldwork up in Canada’s Boreal Forest to researching environmental issues, Kristan has a passion for the world and all those who inhabit it. She has worked for the Ontario Environment Network, Canadian Environmental Network, and most recently for GreenPAC as their Outreach and Program Coordinator. In this role, she began working on the ONDebates project to secure ten debates across the top highly contested ridings in the GTA. Kristan helped GreenPAC reach the goal of this project to inspire, activate and amplify environmental leadership in politics by going beyond the choir and creating partnerships amongst local grassroots organizations. Kristan has a devotion to researching the transitions toward sustainability and the interrelations between the environment, society and economic systems.