Duncan Bury

Duncan Bury has a master’s degree from the University of Waterloo, School of Urban and Regional Planning and has worked in the environmental stewardship, producer responsibility and waste management and waste diversion fields for almost 30 years. He formerly worked with Environment Canada where he led files in areas including extended producer responsibility (EPR), electronics, product focused policies such as eco-labelling, and international waste policy. He also led the development of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment’s (CCME) Canada Wide Action Plan on EPR.

Prior to his years with the federal government he worked in Ontario municipalities on the launch of blue box recycling, leaf and yard waste programs and on waste diversion planning. He has worked for over 6 years in the environmental, waste management and recycling consulting industry leading and participating in contracts with provincial and territorial governments and agencies, the federal government and international organizations including the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Environment Directorate, the International Joint Commission, Great Lakes Water Quality Board and  the United Nation’s Basel Convention Secretariat.

His areas of expertise include EPR, product policies, jurisdictional scans, strategic planning, policy analysis and development, frameworks and programs for waste diversion and stakeholder engagement. He is the co-founder of Extended Producer Responsibility Canada (EPRC), a not for profit association promoting the continued growth of EPR policies, programs and practices across Canada. Duncan Bury has demonstrated an ability to think clearly, to work cooperatively, to build consensus, to innovate, to manage and lead projects, to speak publicly, and to provide insights and develop solutions for stewardship and waste management challenges.