Isabelle Couture

Director, Operations & Engagement

Isabelle has more than 10 years of experience working in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to develop and implement successful research programs and engagement strategies. 

Originally from Quebec City and currently based in Calgary, Isabelle’s passion for sustainability and evidence-based policy led her to pursue graduate studies in public administration at the University of Victoria and volunteer with several social justice and environmental groups across Canada. Her previous work experience covers a range of policy research projects and partnership building activities in Canada and abroad, including the management of ERA-Can+, a European Union-funded initiative that fostered research collaboration between Europe and Canada. She previously worked at the University of Calgary where she supported the implementation of a $75M energy research initiative. 

Isabelle believes in the power of authentic collaboration and thrives at the intersection of stakeholder engagement, policy-making, academic research and environmental stewardship. She is dedicated to developing, supporting, and enhancing partnerships and harnesses unique opportunities to facilitate relationships between all actors. She truly is in her happy place when connecting with others in a meaningful way.  

In her spare time, you can find her in and around Calgary being walked by her four-legged companion, exploring the mountains or getting her hands dirty with her partner in their ever-growing garden. She also sits on the boards of the Recycling Council of Alberta as well as Plastic-Free YYC, a non-profit she co-founded in 2017 to prevent waste and promote a circular economy in Calgary. Isabelle has received several awards for her sustainability work and was named one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2020.