Sheena Parris

SPI Research Fellow, 2020-2021

Sheena Parris is a M.Sc. candidate in the Master of Environmental Sustainability program at the University of Ottawa. She is interested in public policy tools and the potential role of social innovation in meeting Canada’s inclusive, green economic development goals.

Sheena graduated from Dalhousie University with Combined Honours in Environmental Studies and International Development and with a Certification in Environmental Impact Assessment. After graduation, she held contracts with the Resilience Research Centre, non-profits, and the Halifax Regional Municipality before settling at the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines. In her role, she focused on renewable energy policy, electricity regulation, and helping communities in Nova Scotia achieve their GHG reduction goals. Sheena is providing research support for a project entitled: “Canadian Governance Efforts to Accelerate Decarbonization and Clean Innovation”.

When not working, Sheena can be found watching Star Trek, playing complicated board games, or practicing outdoor photography.