This webinar from Smart Prosperity Institute explored the nature-health-climate nexus and supported the business case for using nature-based solutions to improve health outcomes in Canadian communities. While many health benefits of urban nature are well established – for example, more greenspace means a lower risk of respiratory illnesses – this webinar will explore the less-recognized, measurable impacts of specific nature-based solutions on human health outcomes, including changes in rates of mortality and morbidity. This webinar also outlined the challenges frequently faced by Canadian decision-makers accounting for the health co-benefits of nature, including:

  • Quantifying health co-benefits of nature-based solutions in meaningful economic terms
  • Ensuring health co-benefits are equitably distributed and build health resilience, maintain well-being, and support thriving communities
  • Collecting the right local data to track how nature-based solutions contribute to positive health outcomes

This event was open to all, and was particularly targeted to an audience of governments, community-based and health organizations, and environmental stakeholders that are advancing projects to capture health co-benefits generated from nature-based solutions or seeking to integrate environmental determinants of health.