At this conversation-driven event, our expert panel welcomed questions from the audience and discussed topics such as:

  • Canada’s ambitious targets for biodiversity protection and the policy and financing priorities for achieving these goals.
  • Biodiversity offsets and carbon offsets – how do they work and where do they apply?
  • Nature-based solutions - considering the different needs of conserved and protected areas, urban nature, agriculture, and forestry.
  • What is the difference between nature-based solutions and nature-based climate solutions?
  • Value – how do we ensure that conservation finance is not about commodifying nature but rather about directing the right resources to reach climate and biodiversity goals?

This event explored the report, Invest in Nature: Scaling Conservation Finance in Canada for a Nature-Smart Economy, published by Smart Prosperity Institute in May 2021.



  • Stewart Elgie - Law Professor at the University of Ottawa, Chair of Smart Prosperity Institute
  • Paige Olmsted - Senior Research Associate, Smart Prosperity Institute
  • Scott McFatridge - Senior Research Associate, Smart Prosperity Institute


  • Eric Campbell - Associate, Smart Prosperity Institute