June 4, 2017


Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy is officially underway, bringing with it huge potential for creating jobs, business opportunities, and healthy and livable communities.

But there’s still lots of work to be done for Canada to reach its 2030 and mid-century goals for decarbonization. And getting there requires the research and policy communities to grapple with some big and important questions, from the design of policies and their interactions to filling financing gaps to understanding socio-economic impacts and more.

With our new White Paper, we bring all those questions under one roof and present it as a low carbon policy research agenda for Canada . We hope that by putting the big questions in one place, this white paper can help the research and policy communities to prioritize, focus and collaborate to ensure the best possible policies for Canada.

At Smart Prosperity Institute, we want our work to support decision-makers to use the best available evidence in designing low-carbon policies. As one of many policy research institutes, we hope that this White Paper will also be used by others to take on questions that need answering.