The next five years are likely to be a critical window for establishing the policy frameworks required across Canada to drive a shift to greener growth.

In anticipation of this opportunity, and with a view to helping inform these efforts, Smart Prosperity Institute (formerly Sustainable Prosperity) brought together a group of prominent environment and economy experts for a two-day conference at the University of Ottawa, devoted to Big Ideas for Sustainable Prosperity—Policy Innovation for Greening Growth.

Smart Prosperity Institute has now partnered with Canadian Public Policy journal to create a special issue that captures the ideas and discussion generated at the Big Ideas conference.

The articles in this special issue are not typical academic papers. The mandate for the authors was to produce ‘‘big think’’ pieces, to help spur new ideas and to generate original research questions about the range of policies needed to drive greener growth. Accordingly, authors were asked not to present new research (although that could inform their arguments) but instead to identify significant policy challenges or changes that are necessary, along with the key research questions needed to inform and accelerate those policy changes.


Read the "Big Ideas for Sustainable Prosperity" special issue of Canadian Public Policy here.