Date & Time: January 152020 - 1PM EST

Location:  Online

Hosted by: Mike Moffatt, Senior Director, Policy and Innovation at Smart Prosperity Institute

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Get a rapid-fire summary of Smart Prosperity’s major new report, “8 Reasons for Canada to Build a Clean Economy Now”, that compiles the latest trends and data supporting the transition to a clean economy. From growing markets to increased competitiveness to health and quality-of-life indicators, this report sums up the latest authoritative national and international analyses and projections.

The world is facing unprecedented environmental challenges characterized by climate change, unsustainable resource use, biodiversity loss, water scarcity and waste production. These challenges are further exacerbated by population growth and urbanization. There is a growing global recognition of the urgency of these problems, and the mounting demand for solutions has created an economic opportunity for the countries and companies that are able and willing to develop them.

The shift toward a low-pollution, innovative, resource-efficient economy is the opportunity of the century. The pursuit of a clean economy aims to simultaneously boost economic growth, by capturing growing clean market opportunities, and improve environmental performance, through innovation, efficiency and smart policies and investments – which together lead to better quality of life.

SPI's new report outlines eight reasons why accelerating this transition is the path to prosperity for Canada. Join SPI's Mike Moffatt for a webinar that breaks down the findings.


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