Date: May 11, 2021
Time: 4:30 p.m.- 6 p.m.  (EDT)
Cost: Free, but registration is required by 24 hours in advance
Location: Virtual

Mike Moffatt, Senior Director, Policy and Innovation at the Smart Prosperity Institute, will join the Telfer Alumni Masterclass Series on May 11 for a conversation on the transition to more sustainable cities.

The built environment has a major role to play in battling climate change. How might our cities allow us to work, live and play in such a way that we can contribute to a greener Canada? Be part of this interactive and intensive masterclass to play a role in imagining sustainable cities.

To accommodate the world’s rapidly growing population, the UN estimates that 230 billion square meters of new construction will need to be added to our built environment the equivalent of adding Paris sized city to the planet every week for the next 40 years (UN-EIEA, 2017). The population of Ottawa alone is expected to grow by almost half a million in the next twenty years (Ontario Ministry of Finance) taxing urban planners, policy-makers, and businesses alike with finding transformative and innovative solutions to sustainable urban development. Given that buildings consume almost 50% of all global resources, 40% of all produced energy and contribute approximately 40% of all carbon emissions globally (UN-EIEA, 2017), reimagining how neighbourhoods, and entire cities will be designed, planned and built will be crucial to Canada’s carbon reduction and mitigation efforts.


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