Date: Monday, July 23, 2018

Location: Westin Harbour Castle Convention Cente, Toronto, Canada

Scott McFatridge, Research Associate, will deliver a presentation on "the potential of permitting, offsets and compensatory measures for achieving species conservation under Canada’s Species at Risk Act". 

The presentation is part of a symposium hosted on Recovering Endangered Species in the Trump and Trudeau Era, at the 2018 North American Congress for Conservation Biology in Toronto, Canada. The presentation is based on research conducted with Dr. C. Scott Findlay for Smart Prosperity's Institute's report Species in the Balance: Partnering on tools and incentives to recover species at risk.

The presentation discusses the Government of Canada's proposed permitting and offsets policy for species at risk. It outlines some of the scientific and economic principles behind conservation offset design. It also reviews the performance of existing offset schemes, and on that basis outlines an approach to permits and offsets which increases the likelihood of net gains to species at risk populations.


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