Date: Wednesday, February 13th 
Time: 1:50 PM - 2:10 PM. EDT
Location: Delta Hotels by Marriott Ottawa City Centre, 101 Lyon Street North, Ottawa ON
Scott McFatridge, Research Associate, will deliver a presentation on policy options and research needs for protecting species at risk through invasive species management. 

Species at risk populations continue to deteriorate in Canada, and invasive and problematic species, genes and pathogens are a key driver of these trends. In the absence of collective action, this sobering trajectory is likely to persist. The good news is that we have strong grounds for believing that managing invasive species is highly effective in stabilizing and recovering species at risk populations. But in order to navigate trade-offs and make informed policy choices, biological effectiveness needs to be assessed alongside broader economic and social concerns.

This presentation briefly summarizes the current knowledge of invasive species and their effects on species at risk populations, as well as the effectiveness of interventions for managing or eliminating invasive species populations. It then discusses approaches to prioritizing conservation interventions, as well as a menu of policy tools for incentivizing the removal or management of invasive species populations (and/or discouraging their introduction) among public and private actors.


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