Date: June 22, 2021
Time: 1pm - 2pm Eastern
Language: This event will be held in English
Cost: Free, but registration is required
Location: Virtual – link will be provided a few days before the event

This event will explore the report, Learning from the Québec Experience: Transitioning to a Circular Economy, published by Québec Circulaire and Smart Prosperity Institute in May 2021.

Québec has established itself as a circular economy leader and we invite you to join our discussion on how the circular economy can be implemented in other jurisdictions.

A circular economy will allow us to move away from the “take, make, waste” one-way model of production and consumption, and towards a system that relies on building economic and natural capital, rather than depleting finite resources to create value. Ultimately, a circular economy will allow Canadian jurisdictions to combine economic regeneration, better societal outcomes and climate ambitions. Please join us for what is sure to be an interesting conversation!

Download the report


  • Stéphanie Jagou, Consultant, CERIEC


  • Stephanie Cairns, Director, Circular Economy, Smart Prosperity Institute


  • Barbara Swartzentruber - Executive Director, Our Food Future, Smart Cities Office, City of Guelph

The panel will be followed by a Q&A. 

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