Date: March 23, 2022

Time: 10am - 11am Eastern

Location: Virtual

View the event recording here.

This event is part of a series organised by the Mission of Canada to the EU on common ‘green’ policy priorities, given the importance of environment and climate issues on both the Canadian and EU agendas. The event is co-hosted by the Mission of Canada to the EU together with the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP).

Building a more circular economy is key to sustainable growth and addressing challenges like climate change. The uptake of the circular economy is increasing worldwide, and cooperation on an international level is key to unlocking the benefits of scale tied to a global circular economy.

In March 2020, the EU took a substantial step forward towards the transition to a European circular economy by adopting a new EU Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP).

The CEAP recognizes the need to scale up towards a global circular economy, notably proposing the establishment of global cooperation initiatives such as the Global Circular Economy Alliance (GACERE) and advancing circular economy objectives through free trade agreements (FTAs).

Canada is also expanding and supporting efforts towards a more circular economy, including active engagement at the international level. For example, Canada is a member of GACERE and hosted the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF), co-organized together with Sitra in 2021.

Canada and the EU benefit from a strong partnership on environmental cooperation enhanced through the Canada-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) and the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). This relationship along with Canada and the EU’s shared commitment to the ambitious environment and climate action provides an opportunity for closer cooperation on the implementation of circular economy policies and practices.

This event aims to highlight existing joint efforts between Canada and the EU to foster circular economy approaches as well as opportunities to further build global leadership and collaboration in this area.

This event features a moderated panel discussion with key stakeholders, including Smart Prosperity Institute's Geoff McCarney, on implementing and working on circular economy solutions in Canada and the EU for their thoughts and reactions.

The webinar seeks to explore questions such as:

  • How are Canada and the EU respectively applying circular economy policy approaches domestically?
  • How are Canada and the EU currently collaborating to advance shared interests on circular economy issues?
  • What opportunities exist to further enhance Canada-EU cooperation to promote and improve the implementation of circular economy practices?


Opening remarks: Malena Sell, Senior Specialist on Circular Economy at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Moderator: Antoine Oger, Head of Global Challenges & SDGs, IEEP

Presentation: Eline Blot, Policy Analyst, Global Challenges & SDGs, IEEP



  • Judith Gelbman, Counsellor and Head of Section, Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, Mission of Canada to the EU
  • Geoffrey McCarney, Professor, Environment & Development, University of Ottawa & Senior Researcher Director, Smart Prosperity Institute


  • Andrew Murphy, Senior Expert, Regional and Bilateral Environmental Cooperation Unit, DG Environment, European Commission
  • Jocelyn Blériot, Executive Lead, International Institutions & Governments, Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Click here to view the recording of the event.