This week Sustainable Prosperity lost one of its biggest champions as well as a friend in Alan Nymark. Alan was a lifelong champion for the idea that we can grow an economy that values environmental protection and has room for all. As Deputy Minister of Environment Canada and other Government of Canada departments, Alan helped shape public policy from the highest levels of the public service. His commitment to these ideas continued after his retirement, in roles such as chair of the Centre for the Study of Living Standards, Sustainable Prosperity Steering Committee member, and Smart Prosperity Leadership Group member, among others.

At Sustainable Prosperity, we owe a particular debt to Alan. As a founding member of SP, Alan was with us from the very beginning, offering wise advice on how we can best achieve our goals. However, Alan didn’t stop at advice – he actively pushed us to think bigger, bolder, and broader about the kind of Canada we want. His passion for social inclusiveness and growing an economy that has room for all was apparent in all our conversations and projects. His standards were exacting, but his praise was free flowing when we hit the mark. Many of SP’s successes and excellence have Alan’s fingerprints on them. Thank you, Alan.