Policy and Research Conference
Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Calgary, Alberta
Hotel Alma, Senate Room


Accelerating clean innovation across all parts of the economy, including oil and gas, will be increasingly critical to Canada's economic and environmental well-being in a changing world. This conference focuses on how to do that: particularly the key role that governments can play -- through smart policy, investment, spending, etc. It brings together top global and Canadian experts from academia, government and industry.

Key Questions for Discussion:

How does clean innovation occur in Canada?

How and where is there a role for public intervention? In what areas is government action needed, either alone or in tandem with private actors?

Where there is a role for public intervention, how can governments intervene most effectively? How can we best design public institutions and processes to promote clean innovation outcomes?

How can government intervention best leverage private actions? And how can we learn from, and build on, existing instruments and institutions in creating more effective approaches?

How do these questions apply to the particular case of clean innovation in the oil sands?

Introduction and Session 1: The Canadian Context

Opening remarks by Stewart Elgie

Moderator: Oonagh Fitzgerald

Peter Nicholson
Velma McColl
Peter Beaudoin
Isabel Galiana

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Session 2: Policies for Accelerating Clean Innovation

Moderator: Ed Whittingham

Richard Newell
Nick Johnstone
Richard Hawkins
Geoff McCarney

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Session 3: Digging Down into the Key Components—Linking Theory with Practice

Moderator: Alan Nymark

Innovation Policies: The US Experience John Alic

Public Investment to Accelerate Clean Innovation in Canada
Heather Campbell
Kirk Andries, Click to view presentation
Justin Reimer

Linking Applied Research to Industry
Jeremy de Beer
Stephen Larter, Click to view presentation
Juan Benitez

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Session 4: Wrap Up Discussion

Randy Wigle
Marisa Beck
Gord Lambert
Stewart Elgie

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Special thanks to event sponsor Zerofootprint Carbon for making this event carbon neutral.