March 8, 2022

It’s International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is Women Inspiring Women. In the spirit of celebration, it is with immense pleasure that we announce a new project: Strengthening Diverse Research Capacity for an Inclusive Green Recovery in Canada, a partnership between the Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI), Women and Inclusivity in Sustainable Energy Research (WISER) network, and Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE). This project will address diversity gaps in energy research and practice by increasing the profile of racially diverse energy scholars who identify as women, genderfluid, or non-binary.


About the project

The goals of this exciting new initiative include:

1) Building capacity for women-identifying and gender diverse scholars to shape research agendas and intervene in public policy discussions on energy transitions.

2) Building partnerships with organizations dedicated to just energy transitions.

3) Creating brave spaces for scholars with intersecting identity factors that have been institutionally and systematically marginalized in order to allow for the expression and exchange of unconventional research questions, knowledge, methods, and information.

4) Providing a platform for early career researchers to gain mentorship from established gender diverse scholars and role models.

5) Advancing knowledge mobilization efforts geared to increase visibility of research findings from women and gender-diverse scholars, and to close the gap between research and practice in energy transitions.

This project is partially funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) through a Connection Grant award spearheaded by Dr. Julie MacArthur, Associate Professor at Royal Roads.

Dr. Aline Coutinho, postdoctoral fellow at Smart Prosperity Institute, is among the prominent co-applicants of this successful Connection Grant.


Upcoming activities

In partnership with WISER and WiRE, Smart Prosperity Institute will co-host three online and open connected symposia in 2022 to showcase the work of a diverse and interdisciplinary group of energy transitions scholars:

Each half-day symposium will address vital topics such as: Indigenous sovereignty, gender diverse leadership, advances in energy modeling, policy change, energy poverty, and theorizing inclusive, democratic transitions. The key elements of these symposia demonstrate a commitment to advancing research, policy recommendations, and informed debates that can guide and facilitate the transition to low-carbon energy systems that are economically and socially just, addressing and removing systemic barriers to a truly inclusive low-carbon, greener economy.


About our partners

Women & Inclusivity in Sustainable Energy Research (WISER) is a global network of women and non-binary academics in the field of clean, low–carbon, and sustainable energy research.  The network is particularly committed to inclusiveness that goes beyond gender lines and incorporates diversity in class, race, sexuality, and ability.

Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) is a network with the mission to advance the role and recognition of women working in the energy sector. Inclusive of all renewable energy and clean technologies, their programming includes capacity-building field trips, networking meet-ups, awards recognition programs, student bursaries, and speed mentoring, among others.


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For project inquiries, please reach out to Aline Coutinho at