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1. The high price of wildfires
It’s the middle of July and hundreds of deadly wildfires are already on our doorsteps, many of them being described by authorities as out of control. This is the kind of runaway “megafire” season scientists have been warning about. Can we afford it? From paying for migrant firefighters to covering billions in insurance claims, this episode looks at what wildfires cost us.

  • Edward Struzik – Author & Fellow at the Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy

Links: Edward’s book, Edward’s article in The Tyee, and today’s Wildfire Hotspot Map

2. “Five Other Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week”

  • Mike Moffatt – Senior Director of Policy, Smart Prosperity Institute

Links: “5 Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week”

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Episode 20 includes music and clips from Eric Campbell, Audio Jungle, Zapsplat, CBC The National, CTV News, and APTN

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