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1. COVID’s environmental impact
The drop in global economic activity due to COVID has had some upsides for the environment. But how big have those upsides been? And how long will they last? Our friends at the OECD have some new answers.

- OECD Report: “The long-term environmental implications of COVID-19”

2. 10 green technologies to watch
We’re going to need the help of new and exciting green technologies if we want to keep climate change in check. Here are ten smart bets.

  • Tyler Hamilton – Director of Ecosystem (Cleantech) at MaRS Discovery District

- MaRS: “Meet the Climate Champions”

3. 60-Second Report: "Catalyzing the Growth of the Green Bond Market”

- Check out the Report

4. “Five Other Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week”

  • Mike Moffatt – Senior Director of Policy, Smart Prosperity Institute

- Blog: “5 Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week”

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Episode 15 includes music and clips from Eric Campbell, Audio Jungle and Zapsplat

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