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1. Provincial climate report cards [min 1:03]
The federal government sets the international targets, but it’s Canada’s provinces that have the primary jurisdiction over reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Have we been letting them off the hook? 

- Article: “Net-zero report card: How future-friendly are Canadian provinces?”

2. Trouble in BC’s old growth forests [min 12:28]
Forestry is one of Canada’s oldest economic sectors. But with protests bubbling up across British Columbia, we get a balanced look at what needs to happen for the sector to evolve in BC.

  • Gary Merkel – Co-chair, BC’s Old Growth Review Panel

- CBC The National: “Forest management questioned amid B.C. logging protest”
- Report: “A New Future for Old Forests”

3. 60-Second Report: "Transitioning to a circular economy – Learning from the Québec experience" [min 22:01]

- Check out the Report

4. “Five Other Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week” [min 23:24]

  • Mike Moffatt – Senior Director of Policy, Smart Prosperity Institute

- Read the blog on the “5 Other Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week”

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Episode 16 includes music and clips from Eric Campbell, Audio Jungle, Zapsplat, CBC The National, and Mammas Movement

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