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1. Growing food without growing emissions [min 1:04]
Agriculture accounts for 10% of Canada’s (and the world’s) total climate pollution – thanks to methane emissions from animal manure, Nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizer, and Carbon dioxide emissions from machinery. Can a change in farming practices turn agriculture into a climate solution?

- Farmers for Climate Solutions 6 recommendations to government
- Brent Preston’s book, “The New Farm”
- Video: “Can Farmers Be Climate Champions?” by Equiterre & Regeneration Canada
- Video: Manitoba Co-op agricultural promo video
- SPI: “Net Zero: Implications for Canadian Agriculture”


2. The economics of public transit [min 13:25]
How does one of the most environmentally-friendly commuting options make ends meet? And what happens after COVID?

- Canadian Urban Institute: “What is the Future of Urban Transportation?”
- Deloitte: “Tackling Public Transit’s Funding Gap During the Recovery”
- Global News: New federal funding commitments

3. 60-Second Report: "Canada in a Changing Climate: Regional Perspectives Report – Prairie Provinces” [min 20:37]

  • David Sauchyn – Director, Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative and Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Regina

- Check out the Report


4. “Five Other Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week” [min 22:22]

  • Mike Moffatt – Senior Director of Policy, Smart Prosperity Institute

- Read the blog on the “5 Other Things Happening in the Green Economy This Week


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Episode 10 includes music and clips from Eric Campbell, Audio Jungle, Zapsplat and the “Canada 150 Archive” channel on YouTube

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